10 Must-Read Email Newsletters for Small Business Owners

With the wealth of information the internet offers, there simply isn’t enough time to sort through all of it. Newsletters, however, can send you smart, targeted information and stories on the topics that are important to you, directly to your inbox.

When you’re running a small business, I know your time comes at a premium, and you can’t waste a moment searching for the best content—or by extension—the best newsletters. So here’s a list of 10 newsletters that are worth subscribing to—and maybe they’ll even inspire you to start sending out emails of your own.

Note: Some of these newsletters are daily, some are weekly or monthly—so you won’t be overloading your inbox every morning with the same headlines.

Morning Brew

Every weekday morning, Morning Brew arrives absolutely packed with content, including market updates, world news (with “Zoom out” analysis to give you a sense of what it all means), a news quiz, puzzles, TV and podcast recommendations, and more. If your brain isn’t buzzing after reading this, you might need more coffee.

Money Stuff

Money Stuff is written and delivered each weekday by Matt Levine, a Bloomberg Opinion columnist who covers finance. Levine writes on four to five topics in-depth, ranging from the latest happenings in finance to tech entrepreneurship, and his articles never get bogged down in jargon. He covers serious happenings in the business world with an eye for personalities and details, weaving in wry humor and commentary along the way.

SBA newsletter

The SBA is more than an advocate for small businesses and source of federally backed loans—it also puts out a diverse array of content via its newsletter. Typical missives include webinar offers, links to informative videos or blogs, access to extra courses, invitations for social media chats, and more. Each month has a different entrepreneurial theme that resonates with what’s happening in the business world.  

The Hustle

The Hustle is delivered to your inbox each morning and covers the day’s top business, tech, and culture news stories. The Hustle does a good job of not only introducing stories but explaining what the takeaways are and how topics fit into the larger business story lines of the moment. Links to their blog include stories on side hustles, new apps, and hidden gems on the internet.

The Feifer Five

The Feifer Five, a monthly newsletter by Jason Feifer, the editor-in-chief of Entrepreneur magazine, delivers five tips on entrepreneurship, ranging from somewhat vague pearls of wisdom (“It’s OK to have the right idea at the wrong time”) to discussions of actionable advice, like where to find new business opportunities. Perhaps most importantly, the newsletter is imbued with gentle but clear encouragement—which every small business owner needs from time to time.

HBR’s Management Tip of the Day

The Harvard Business Review is one of the most respected names in business and management news and analysis, and HBR’s Management Tip Of The Day is exactly what it sounds like: One quick tip—a piece of actionable advice with suggestions of how to put it into practice—that will make you a better and more assured leader.

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CB Insights

CB Insights is a research firm that tracks data points on venture capital, private companies, investments, and acquisitions, with the goal of predicting future opportunities. The CB Insights newsletter is a highly readable mix of quick insights into the latest news, a roundup of the week in data, and spotlights on amazing new initiatives that might inspire you to do something great.

Seth’s Blog

Those who want insight into how to market their business, and themselves, should turn to Seth Godin, a marketing guru, teacher, and author who runs a lauded self-titled blog—Seth’s Blog—covering marketing, writing, business development, entrepreneurship, and musings on the state of the internet and the world. Godin’s newsletter is simply a copy of the week’s most popular post, but his simple, poised, smart writing should be on every SMB owner’s reading list.  


Ramit Sethi is a personal finance advisor and entrepreneur who has made it his mission to make his readers successful. His website GrowthLab is all about starting and scaling online businesses, and the GrowthLab newsletter is unique in a few ways. For one, the GrowthLab team often shows readers not just how to put together the perfect project or sales pitch, but they show their work, demonstrating how they did it for themselves, and they engage with their readers, asking for responses to questions and prompts. (Sethi says he reads every single one.)

Brain Food

Farnam Street might be the ultimate blog for entrepreneurs, especially those just finding their way. It’s a fount of wisdom on how to make better decisions and be a better person, through mental models, reading, and learning. Farnam Street’s Brain Food is a Sunday roundup of the blog’s best work, as well as recommendations on what to read (and why), which are heavy on thought-provoking books and articles that may change the way you see things.


Your newsletter choices these days are nearly limitless—publishers send out dozens of targeted missives a day, and everyone from bloggers to brands have their own newsletter updates. Start with these and expand to find options that speak to your needs, interests, and industry.

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The post 10 Must-Read Email Newsletters for Small Business Owners appeared first on AllBusiness.com. Click for more information about Meredith Wood.

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